Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second Pair of Socks Completed, Florabunda Top Nearly Done

I have to admit that I'm really enjoying knitting socks.  They're fun to make.  They finish relatively quickly and they are very satisfying to make.  Upon completion I have something beautiful and useful.  And, I can get a pair completed in a few weeks.

On the quilting front, I'm dragging my feet and moving slowly.  I ran into a problem and this is what usually brings a project to a halt.  I had figured the lay out for the blocks, center block and sashing.  When I started to trim the blocks to size, I found that the center block was 1" short of what I expected once I got the applique centered.  So I had to do some figuring and run the idea past some quilting friends.  Once I came up with a solution, I still had to draw it out to see how it would look.  This meant that I have to make more of that checkerboard sashing, which I wasn't looking forward to doing.

But, I finally got to work and got more of the checkerboard prepared, got the yellow piping cut and ironed.

That was last week.  This weekend I spent a few hours Saturday and a few more today and got most of the top together.   Once I got going, it really didn't take too long.  I think it takes longer to get my mind prepared for most projects than it takes to do the project itself.  But, I'd rather be doing than thinking about doing.

This quilt looks different in every light - the purples are darker than they look here.  This hasn't been ironed yet, but I was so excited to get this far that I wanted to snap a few shots and share.  Now I have to do some more sewing to get the outer checkerboard prepared and attached.  Then I have to decide if I stop there or add another border or not.


  1. Wow, Mair! Beautiful socks AND quilt! You have been a very busy girl :) I am just in love with that quilt! It's stunning against the dark background.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I'm really excited about this quilt and can't wait to get the outer borders on it so I can start quilting!