Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Small Project

Winter time is motorcycle maintenance time in our garage.  Over the summer, Wayne bought a key fob/patch with the name of the motorcycle club he belongs to embroidered on it.  I thought it would look good on his tank cover.

I asked him to mark the cover where he wanted the patch and gave him a white pencil to work with.  But, the white pencil didn't leave a lasting mark on the black vinyl, so he covered the area with masking tape and drew the circle on that.  Then I used a pin to score the masking tape and tore out the circle so I could set the patch in place.

I set the patch in place with a glue stick and used a straight stitch to sew it on.  I love my Pfaff!  It does everything I've asked it to do, including sewing a double sided patch onto a fleece lined vinyl cover.

Looks pretty good!

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