Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Red, White and Block Blocks

Since I've run out of hand applique, I'm back to working on red,white and black round blocks as my hand work.  I started these probably a year or so ago when I started to get interested in hand piecing.  Most of my interest in hand piecing can be directly contributed to the handpeicingandapplique Yahoo group that I joined.  They are a very talented, helpful and encouraging group of folks who are all doing incredibly beautiful hand work.  At one point, one of the members (Becky, I think) was drafting and publishing these wonderful round pieced blocks.  I started collecting them and making them out of a pallet of red white and black.  Someday they will go together in one quilt.  I have 10 blocks completed and two more that I'm working on.  When I find a round block that strikes my fancy, I save the pattern.   I've got a bag of fabrics that I use for this project and when I need more hand work, I drag out a new pattern and go through the fabric.  These are the three latest blocks that I completed.

I think the top block is 12" and the other two are 8".

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  1. Mair, they are stunning! If you ever need the block patterns resized or changed or a new block drawn, let me know and I can try to do that for you in EQ :)
    BTW, I am so glad you are a part of our group. To me, it feels like our own little quilting guild full of close friends who are available to chat or help with a question anytime :)