Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Quilters' Gathering

I live a few towns away from Nashua, NH where "A Quilters' Gathering", an annual quilt show with classes and vendors is celebrated every year.  I spent a few hours there on Saturday looking at all the beautiful quilts, getting inspiration and spending money on some fabric and a pattern.  I didn't take many photos of quilts, but here are the few that I really thought were interesting.

A nice applique quilt with a beautiful edge treatment.

And a close up of the flowers.  The largest flower is about 10" across.

A wonderful arrangement of grandmother's flower blocks.

And some beautiful quilting on this quilt.

There are only 6 different blocks in this quilt.  Each row is a single block pattern done in different fabrics and  values in the design to show how different an individual block can look using different color placements.

A beautiful scrappy quilt.  What a great way to use up colorful scraps.

A gorgeous wedding ring quilt.  A wedding ring is on my list of quilts to do in the near(ish) future.

Gayle's beautiful Star Berries quilt.  I hadn't noticed the scalloped edges on the top right and lower left before.  Pictures don't do this quilt justice.

Congratulations, Gayle.

Irises are my favorite flower.  I really like the quilting on the background of this.

Well, there you have it.  This is certainly not all of the quilts, but some that I particularly liked.

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  1. Mair, Thanks for posting these pictures. The one that has only 6 blocks was a huge eye opener for me. What a difference the color placement makes!

    Gail is an amazing quilter! I love her scrappy backgrounds on this quilt. And she always thinks up these unique settings. Why can't I do that? LOL :)