Sunday, August 13, 2017

Scrappy Goodness and More Ship

Life is pretty good here in New England.  The weather is beautiful, I've been in a good place and things are settling down.  June can be a busy month; we celebrate my husband's birthday, our anniversary, Father's day and my daughter's birthday all within 2 weeks.  Now it's time to just enjoy the beautiful weather, do some riding and meet up with friends.

I've been owrking on the Ladies of the Sea blocks and am making progress.  I'be got 8 blocks, 1 border and all 4 compas blocks completed.  I'm now working on the bottom border.  These borders have a lot of applique and will take some time.

I completed the quilting on my Scrapitude quilt in June and am very happy with the results.  It has made me realize that I like simple quilting.   I like straight lines and geometric forms.  That may be why I love piecing (but doesn't explain my love of applique.)  Even when I doodle, I usually doodle straight lines.

We did a lot of travweling in July and early August - up to Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.  Then homw for a few days before heading out to NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, DE, NJ, CT and back home.  They were great trips, but I'm happy to be homw for a while and relax.

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