Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quilty Resolutions

I've been submitting quilt resolutions to Sandy's (of Quilting for the Rest of Us) blog for the past 3 or 4 years.  Some years I am successful in completing some of the tasks.  Some years I have completed none.  I don't think I have ever completed all I set out to do.  I tell myself that I set my goals high.  The reality is that I stop thinking about the resolutions a few months into the year.  Then life gets in the way and something else shiny catches my eye.  I don't think I am alone in this.

However, this is the year that I want to do better.  Overall, I am satisfied with my life.  But, there are some adjustments I want to make to accomplish more of my goals and be happier.

I started with getting more fit.  I joined Weight Watchers and has shed 12 pounds so far.  (I like shed rather than lost.  Lost sounds like it was accidental and would like to recover the lost item again.)  I still have more to go, but am working on it every day.

I want to improve my writing.  I always find writing difficult.  I'm a great writer in my head, but tend to freeze up when I have to put those thoughts to paper (or screen).  To practice, I am going to write a little each day; either long hand in a book (but not necessarily journal pages) or here in the blog.  So you may be hearing from me more frequently.

I want to be comfortable with sketching.  I used to draw when I was younger.  I remember my notebooks in middle and high schools were filled with quick drawings of teachers or other students.  I want to take the time to practice that again.

Quilt wise, what I have put into Sandy's official resolution form are these three things:

1. Baste and start quilting the Iris quilt.  This has probably been on the resolution list for two or three years, and is nearing 2 decades since I started it.  This WILL get into the hoop this year.

2. Organize my quilting fabric and scraps. the fabric is piled bu color on a shelf in my closet.  Every time I want to find something, I have to drag out a pile or two, sort through it and stuff it back into the closet.  I want to fold everything and set it into some sort of bin that will fit on the shelves.  My craft closet is pitiful and the scrap box is overflowing.  I do a lot of applique and will save scraps suitable for that as is, but the rest will be cut into some shape or size chunk for future scrap quilts. That I have to figure out.

3. Finish Stephanie's Green challenge quilt.  Last year for Christmas, my daughter bought me some green fabric and challenged me to make a quilt (because green is my not my favorite color.)  Last year I picked a pattern, bought some additional fabric and started cutting out templates.  I would like that quilt completed by the end of the year.

Optionally, Sandy suggested we choose a word of the year,  For this year, mine is ADAPT.  All-in-all, I am happy. I just need to do some tweaking (not twerking) to make life more satisfying.

All that should keep me more than busy for a while.

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