Thursday, March 5, 2015

Plugging Along

I was very glad to turn the calendar page to March this year.  March means warming and melting and much less snow.  One might think romantic thoughts of snow - hot cocoa by the fire and being able to spend cozy times indoors.  However, heavy snows, frequent storms and ever growing snow piles means more shoveling and clearing snow from the roof.  I'm a little tired.

But, I have been quilting and getting out of the house.  All my time has not been spent moving frozen water from place to place.

In January we visited the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston.  It was a beautiful, clear and sunny but cold day.  When we got to the monument we found it was closed due to icing on the stairs inside the monument.

But, we did get to walk around Charlestown and find some interesting statues.

In other travels, we found the fork in the road (but did not take it)

visited the Saugerties lighthouse on the Hudson River,

walked around an ice castle in Lincoln, NH,

watched a rare red lobster molt her shell at the Mystic Aquarium in CT,

made the pilgrimage to the original Dunkin Donuts location in Quincy, MA,

along with going to the rodeo, the Golden Gloves semi finals and a college ice hockey game.  We haven't exactly been hibernating.

And I've gotten a lot of quilting done.  I have completed all the applique on the eagle, basted it and started on the hand quilting.

I've also made a little table runner for a friend

and kept up with the steps of Scrap in a Box.

I've been spending a a lot of my evening stitching time working on a hand stitching project (swap blocks) for a group of internet friends.  Some of them drop by here from time to time, so no pictures yet.

And, although it is grey today the forecast for the next week shows no snow and warming trends.  I'm looking forward to those predicted 40+ degree days next week!

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