Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day, Sew Day

Another snowy day in New England means another sewing day for me.

It was a nice. lazy day.  DH ran a few errands in the morning before the snow got too bad, then we spent the rest of the day indulging in hobbies.  We both did some reading.  DH spend some quality time on the laptop entering interesting places to visit.  I machine quilted the heart scroll table runner and got the binding stitched.  DH brewed some beer and I baked red velvet brownies (alas, without red food coloring).

I'm very happy with the table runner.  It's about 36" x 13" and fits the table just fine.

The rest of the week I finished up a few smaller projects.  I enlarged the pattern for the little pouch and made a sample.  I like that size a lot better.

It's small, but large enough to hold my nail supplies.  I still wanted something to hold a hand piecing project for the road.  I won't have a lot of extra room in my bags on the bike when we go south this summer, but I like to have a stitching project with me.  I've been wanting to make these bird applique's for some time now.  I've made the chickadee a few times but have gifted them.  They are the right size for this little bag.

I guess the bag could have been slightly bigger.  It's pretty stuffed with the spool patches I have cut out so far.

The other accomplishment this week was ripping and resewing the green background for the frog quilt.  When I showed it to DH, he said it looked skewed, and indeed it was.  The problem came from sewing all those long strips from the same edge.  Being off by even 1/32 of a inch meant that sewing all those strips made one edge 1/2" longer than the other.  I took off 7 strips and resewed them making sure the top and bottom edge were even.  It resulted in a better finish.  Now it's time for frogs.

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  1. Mair, beautiful job on all your projects! And your brownies sound divine :) I deleted my previous post because of a typo.