Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Socks, New Car?

I have decided to give into my restlessness and start a pair of socks. I started them on the 8th and finished the first sock last night and cast on the second.  I figure it was like a craving - if I didn't give in to the urge, it would build and build and I would have spent more time looking at knitting and not gotten anything done on anything else.  At least that's my justification.

I was toying with the idea of delaying the second sock while I did some more quilting, but I want to do the second while the pattern is still fresh in my mind.  Another justification.

The other thing that is now occupying  my thoughts is a new car.  My '97 Taurus turned over 200,000 miles in October and it was my plan to start looking for a new vehicle once I reached that milestone.  The car body is getting rusty and every time I take it to my mechanic he clicks his tongue and says " ... it's awful rusty under there...".  He's assured me it's still safe, but parts are getting fused together and it's getting harder and harder to repair.

This is the most miles I've put onto a single vehicle and, after having owned this for nearly 14 years (I bought it used), I've got to find something else.  The question is, what?  I've narrowed it down to small, 4-door sedan.  I took a trip to the library today to check out Consumer Reports and have a list of 4-6 cars that I need to check out.  I guess I'll go and do some test drives this weekend.  Honestly, the whole process of buying a new car doesn't excite me.  I'm hoping a test drive or two will help.


  1. Sound like you're like us . . we keep cars so long that it's almost like adding a family member and real hard to know what to get. Safety, repair costs, insurance costs . . good luck with it all. You're making good progress on your cok.

  2. Good luck in your car search! My car is 9 1/2 years old - I hope I have it as long as you have had yours! One thing to consider - once you have it narrowed down - is to call your insurance company and find out the rates for each car/model. Sometimes there is a huge difference between the different cars. Cheers! Evelyn

  3. Thanks for the tip in insurance, Evelyn. I knew there were huge differences on insuring a Porsche versus a Kia, for example, but I sort of figured that most cars in a class would be the same. I'll definitely check that out!

  4. Very nice sock! I had a moment of weakness also, but you got way farther. Good luck on your car hunt!

  5. Love the color of that sock!

    I'm curious about what cars you are considering? Are you looking for mid-sized? I bought a Civic in '09 and LOVE it! They used to be considered much more "compact," but I think they're now mid-sized. They're now more the size the Accords were in the mid-90's. Good luck, though. Choosing a car is such a hard process!

  6. I'm looking for a small, 4-door sedan. Honda, Toyota, Mazda and Ford are the manufacturers I'm looking at now. Other than Ford, I've never owned a vehicle from the others. I drove a Mazda this weekend and liked it, but, as I explained to the salesman, my car is a dinosaur, so driving anything new will be a significant improvement. I've got some more research and test drives to do.