Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Quilting

I'm still here, and I'm still quilting.  I'm still working on the Florabunda top.  I've got the entire center and three or four of the surrounding 12 blocks all quilted.

I was hoping to get all the quilting completed by the end of the year, but that's just not going to happen.  This quilt doesn't have a deadline and I just wanted to get it done this year.  I'm trying to complete this before moving onto any other large projects.  I still have one small hand piecing project that is portable, but I don't want to start any other large projects that will distract me from completing this.

That being said, I got a "save the date" card from some dear friends who will be married before the end of the year.  My first thought was to make them a quilt.  This will be the major distraction that will pull me away from hand quilting.

My sewing room is finally getting back in order.  Another reason I haven't had any distractions from hand quilting is that my sewing room has been unusable since August.  We had all the carpets on that floor replaced this fall.  Starting in August, my sewing room has either held furnishings from the other rooms, or was empty because it was that room's turn for carpet.  All the furnishings went back a few weeks ago and I'm now in the process of putting all the smaller stuff back; that includes going through years of stuff and deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to toss.  I really loved the look of the room when just the furniture was put back.  It looked roomy and neat.  That is my motivation to get rid of a lot of the little storage bins and other stuff that sat on the floor without a permanent home.  That uncluttered feel of the room is what is giving me the major motivation to get rid of stuff.

This is the ceiling of my sewing room.  It's covered with baseball pennants.  We enjoy baseball and I especially like visiting different baseball parks, both major and minor leagues.  When my daughter was little, we started collecting pennants from all the parks we've visited and keep that tradition going today.  I love the look of these on the ceiling.  The picture makes it look even more like a quilt.

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