Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Socks!

The socks are completed!

They were fun and pretty quick to do.  I've been working on so many large, long term quilts lately, that I've really enjoyed the couple of small, quick projects I've completed.  The details of the socks:  Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight yarn, super fine of 50% wool, 25% bamboo and 25% nylon in Aquamarine color.  This was the least expensive sock weight yarn that JoAnn's had to offer.  I didn't want to sink a lot of cash into something I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy or use.  I am quickly finding out that you can spend LOTS of money on yarn.

One funny thing I found this week was a posting from Judy Laquidara on her blog ( telling about some completed socks using this exact yarn and at least one more reader of her blog commented that she just finished a pair, too.  So I guess we're all in the New Aquamarine Sock club.

I'm trying hard not to go overboard, but I did go back to JoAnn's and get two more sets of double pointed needles, a cable needle and two more skeins of yarn.   I'm getting bold because this is a little thicker yarn.  I'm planning to try another pattern that I saw that has a simple cable running up the front.    I haven't started yet.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Mair, Great job! They look warm, soft and comfy-cozy :) I'll bet they feel great on your feet.
    What size DPN did you use?

  2. They take a little getting used to. They are softer yarn but thicker than the socks I normally wear. I'm interested to see how they are after washing.

    I used a size 2 needle for these socks.