Friday, February 18, 2011

With the temp nearly 60 today, I went out for a walk through the neighborhood.  It's funny how warm 60 feels when there's still two feet of snow on the ground.  But I did see a robin hopping on the snow and some actually bare patches of grass.  I know we still have cold weather ahead of us, but this is the promise of spring that can help us over that.

I worked on Florabunda 10 again and have the stems for a second flower completed, all the leaves, petals and flower centers cut out.  The last 3 will have to be starched and ironed.  And the petals and centers will need basting before ironing to make them.  As much as I hate to admit it, they will look better using that method rather than just needle turn.  I've got a gathering of quilting ladies tomorrow afternoon, so I'll probably do the rest of the stems and all the basting there.  At least it won't be so boring if I have company to sew with.

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